In the BASE Jumping industry, Apex BASE is the epitome of quality, class, dedication and professionalism in every aspect of the business. Standing strong on a foundation as the first BASE Equipment manufacturer, APEX brings more cumulative years of experience in BASE Jumping and manufacturing than any other company in the world. We are known not only for the superior equipment that we produce, but also for the exemplary standards that we exhibit in our ethics, education, and safety. APEX BASE founders, Todd Shoebotham, Marta Empinotti, and Jimmy Pouchert’s resumes exhibit the experience and knowledge that can only be found by those persons at the forefront of any industry. APEX BASE is always available to discuss and answer any questions regarding equipment, objects, sites, conditions, general knowledge, and industry events.

About the Founders:

Todd Shoebotham began skydiving in 1984 and started parachute rigging two years later. In 1987, he “jumped” into BASE earning BASE #169, became an FAA rigger, and was awarded his first instructional rating by the end of the year. Along with his brother Troy he founded T&T Rigging and began manufacturing the first BASE specific harness / container systems and accessories.

In 1993 Todd partnered with Anne Helliwell, BASE #222, who designed the first BASE specific parachute, the FOX, and Basic Research, Inc. was born. Other BASE innovations by Basic Research include the Tail Gate, the Multiple Bridle attachment, BASE jumping education, training and expeditions. By the end of the 90’s Basic Research had begun testing its new idea of bottom surface vents, later to be named Vtec.

Marta Empinotti moved to the US from Brazil at age 20. After only 30 skydives she discovered BASE while it was still in its infancy. In 1988 she began building BASE specific equipment. Relying on her skydiving equipment, BASE jumping knowledge and experience and the need to make appropriate equipment for the sport, Vertigo was born.

Jimmy Pouchert followed his dream of snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado, while also participating in SCUBA, climbing, and mountain biking. He then found skydiving and soon began teaching skydiving after he decided it needed to be his daily pastime. Freeflying was the brand new skydiving discipline at that time, and Jimmy joined two other freeflyers to form the team Perris Valley Structure Fire. Jimmy was offered the opportunity to try BASE jumping. On a dark tower late at night after five minutes of instruction, Jimmy jumped into the unknown and immediately was hooked for life.

In 2000, Jimmy and Marta, uniting both personal and professional lives, moved to Moab, Utah, and changed Vertigo to “Vertigo BASE Outfitters”, enjoying the uncounted jumpable cliffs of the Canyonlands as well as BLM tolerance for BASE jumping.

Back in Perris, the beginning of 2000 ushered in the first production of the Vtec canopy design, and in 2002, 9 years after the inception of the FOX, the FLiK canopy was tested and introduced. The sport had grown tremendously during the 90’s, and as Anne exited Basic Research to return to nursing, Todd, Jimmy and Marta decided joining forces was the course that would enable both sides to continue to provide BASE specific equipment, training, expeditions and events, each concentrating in their respective areas of expertise. “And the Two Become One” was the motto of the newly
formed Apex BASE, which made it’s official debut at Bridge Day in 2004. Todd remains at Apex Perris and manages the production aspects of APEX BASE, while Marta and Jimmy run Apex Moab and manage all first jump courses and events. Design is a collaborative activity, which has been proven with the introduction of the Apex DP (Dual Pin) harness/container system jointly created by Todd, Jimmy and Marta.

For information regarding production, delivery dates, or to place an order, contact:

Apex BASE Perris
236-C East Third Street
Perris, CA. 92570
Phone: 951.940.1324
Fax: 951.940.1326

For information regarding the First BASE Jump Course or Events, contact:

Apex BASE Moab
2710 South Hwy. 191
Moab, UT. 84532
Phone: 435.259.1085
Fax: 435.259.1085


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