Apex BASE does aerial consulting and offers the following services:

Aerial Technical Advising
Custom Aerial Stunt Rigging
Aerial Stunt Coordinating
BASE Jumping

If you have a job and don’t know where to start, we do. Call or email us with your question, we’ve probably got the answer.

The following is a list of Apex BASE Media Credits (Most were done under the business name of Basic Research):
Special Events:
Organized and did the BASE jumps for the pre-game show of Superbowl XXXVIII in conjunction with Aerosmith singing “Dream On” at Reliant stadium in Houston.

Royal Gorge “Go Fast Games”: BASE jumping safety and coordination.

Angel Falls, Venezuela: Organized the jumpers to travel into the jungle and jump the world’s tallest waterfall.

Television Commercials:
Energizer, “E²,” BASE jump, Angel Falls, Venezuela
FMC “Ford Truck Drop,” Arizona
PEPSICO, Pepsi, “Goose”, Sky surfing, Arizona
PEPSICO, Mountain Dew, “Duo” BASE & Skydiving, Switzerland
PEPSICO, Mountain Dew, Antenna Jumps, Florida
PEPSICO, Mountain Dew, “Low Altitude Skydiving,” Hawaii
PEPSICO, Mountain Dew, “007,” Canada
PEPSICO, Mountain Dew, “The Lost Commercial,” Cliff jump, Arizona
PEPSICO, Mountain Dew, “Crooner,” Cliff jumps, Angle Falls, Venezuela
Motion Pictures:
Sony Pictures, “Charlie’s Angels”, parachuting water safety and parachute rigging
Golden Parashoots, “Cutaway”, building and antenna jumps
Paramount Pictures “Congo”, aircraft crew
Austin Power’s Goldmember,
all parachute rigging

National Geographic- The Adventurist- airing in March 2008
Stunt Junkies- Truck Jump- Marta Empinotti
Stunt Junkies- Reverse bungee- Jimmy Pouchert
Stunt Junkies- Bob skateboard BASE jump
Television movie “Heist” building jump
4-D movie in the Tower of the America’s theatre
Suzuki commercial
MTV’s True Life with Gunnar Jeanette
MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Building jumps through glass, Los Angeles, California
MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Para Ski, Tahoe, California
MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Hang Glider, California
MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Bridge Jumps, Auburn, California
MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Cliff Jump, Wing Suit Flight, Navajo Reservation, Arizona
MTV Senseless Acts of Video, Spring Break, Helicopter jumps and Tandem skydive Cancun, Mexico
MTV Sports, Cliff jumps, Angle Falls, Venezuela
MTV Sports, “Skydiver in a Week”, instructing skydiving from first jump to license in one week.
“Rolling Thunder” truck drop with parachute, Kingman, Arizona
Videos and Shorts:
USC Film, “Stealing Altitude,” Building jumps, California
Standard Films, “Totally Board,” snow boarding cliff jumps, Norway
Jennings Productions, “Fog Dog”, Intentional parachute malfunction
BR Productions, “Around the World on a Square,” BASE jumps, Norway, Australia, France
“Around the World II,”
Super Bowl jump, Norway, XXX behind the scenes.
Triax video “Continuum 2,”
rigging tips and interviews, jumping footage

Commercial Custom Parachutes and Logos:
“MTV” logo on the top surface of a square parachute.
“Burton Snow Board” logo on the bottom surface of parachute.
“Red Bull” logo on bottom surface of square parachute.
“Ensure” logo on bottom surface of square parachute.
Automatic opening parachute for a shopping cart, MTV Sports.
Nine hundred square foot “Nestlé Ice Cream” flag.



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