BASE JUMPING – First Jump Course ::: APEX BASE

First of all, you must be a skydiver to take our FBJC, please email us for requirements:

After the merger of Vertigo Base Outfitters and Basic Research into Apex BASE, we combined two first jump courses that evolved completely separately for over 15 years. With this strengthening of resources, you can now take advantage of over 30 years of knowledge, combined.

We begin by sending you the course outline and packing video tape. This will allow you to study and practice packing before actually beginning the course. By having a basic knowledge of the BASE pack job prior to arriving at the course, there won’t be quite so much to absorb during the already very full 3 day course. We take 2 students max per instructor at any course, assuring you the utmost in attention to your individual needs. We move along at your pace, concentrating on the areas that you are most concerned with.

We pick you up at Salt Lake City International airport on Friday morning. We arrive in Twin Falls, Idaho in the early afternoon and then the fun begins! Throughout the weekend we will slowly cover pack jobs, the other objects, pilot chute sizes and delays, conditions, and a host of other subjects that you will need to know to become a safe BASE jumper. The BASE Course includes at least 4 BASE jumps, weather permitting, although very few of our students have left with fewer than 6 jumps. On Sunday afternoon, we will drive you back to Salt Lake City Intl. Airport.

Once you take our course, you will be family for life. As a policy, we invite all of our past students to come join us at any future course that we hold at the Perrine. If it’s only been a month or two and you simply want someone to look over your pack jobs and someone to jump with, there is no charge. If it’s been longer than that and you really would like full time guidance, a nominal fee will apply. This is when we start working on 2-ways, going stowed, floater exits, etc… Once you have at least 50 jumps (provided you are solid at that point) you are then invited to come join us in Moab, Utah. We do require you go through our ABAT Course for additional training in how to assess and safely jump the cliffs that surround this area.

You can call us at 435-259-1085 or e-mail us for more specific information on the course and to get a list of things that you can do while skydiving to prepare yourself for the exciting world of BASE that awaits you!


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